Level Concepts Inc. — Vancouver based consulting & coaching for Canadian businesses
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Level Concepts has a proven track record for affecting change when and where it has the most impact. Everything we do is customized to reflect your point of difference and take your business to the next level. Our clients trust us to deliver tangible results while preserving the cornerstone of every business – the people.

Business Development

We evaluate areas within businesses that require change and implement a focused plan of execution to achieve goals. Aligning with our clients to ensure a common vision is essential to how we take your business to the next level.

Project Management

We manage projects by maintaining a broad visionary view while prioritizing the details required so that execution is seamless. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and face challenges with tenacity in order to guarantee satisfaction and results.

HR Consulting & People Management

Level firmly believes that people are the cornerstone of the success of every business. It all begins with sourcing the right people who truly fit your company’s culture and vision. The right people in the right organization is essential to long term productivity and profitability. We offer a comprehensive approach to people management that includes hiring, training, coaching, leadership, support, performance evaluations, compensation packages and succession planning.

Business Coaching

Sometimes a fresh perspective is necessary for evolution. Challenges that you are unable or unwilling to recognize can significantly hinder your growth and potential. Affecting change while respecting the priorities and culture of your company is how we are able to bring you real solutions that fit your business.

Sales & Marketing Initiatives

What’s your Point of Difference? What makes your company better than your competitors? Acknowledging this is the first step to building a successful sales and marketing campaign that will drive your business directly to your audience and tell them your story in a way that communicates why they should be choosing you.


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Level Concepts is a full service consulting company specializing in business development, project management, sales & marketing, human resource management and business coaching. Our strength lies in our ability to quickly evaluate areas within businesses that need attention and change, and further implement strategic and effective action plans that facilitate the evolution of organizations to the next level of success. We align with our clients to ensure a shared vision and commonality when developing initiatives and producing results.

We are committed to helping our clients realize their full business potential.

Your initial thirty minute consultation is complimentary, so contact us today to see how we can take your business to the next level.

Nadine McDowell, Proprietor